Eruption LA – SciFi Action Soundtrack

Lexi Johnson, Eric Etebari, Matthew Atkinson Struggling screenwriter Josh Kendricks finds himself the star of his own disaster movie when super volcanoes begin erupting all over Los Angeles. Now Josh, must work together with eccentric scientist-turned-novelist Quinn Irwin and Hollywood diva Kat Rivers to get Dr. Irwin’s research to the mayor and save the city…

The good Nanny – Thriller Soundtrack

When strong-willed Summer Pratt takes a job at a beautiful estate as the new nanny to a sweet but sad little girl named Sophie, she soon starts to suspect something is very wrong with the beautiful, wealthy couple who call themselves her parents.

Jurassic Lockdown

A trio of sorority girls are tossed in the drunk tank after a wild party gone wrong. They have to team up with some nasty characters to survive the night after a pack of Velociraptors get loose when a secret convoy is diverted from their original destination to the bowels of the jail.

Jurassic Attack

Commando squad reflects a hostage at the hands of terrorist Marquez, but their helicopter is shot down and falls into unexplored valleys. How quickly it is inhabited by dinosaurs, for which soldiers are tasty morsel.

Sand Sharks

An underwater earthquake cracks open a crater deep beneath the ocean’s surface unleashing a prehistoric predator. On the sleepy island of White Sands, local teens drink and party beside a beach bonfire. One of them wanders off after a pretty girl and disappears, leaving only a severed hand behind.  

Mad in Italy

Flippin out “Italian style” in MAD IN ITALY.  Here’s what the films Facebook page had to say about the film. “MAD IN ITALY is the first Italian feature film talking about financial crisis, home loans, dirty politicians and…serial killer. MAD IN ITALY is a truly disturbing psychological horror movie, based on true events about one girl’s ordeal…

Breath of hate

Breath of Hate is an unreleased 2011 horror film which stars Jason Mewes,[1] Ezra Buzzington[2] and Monique Parent. It is the second collaboration between Velvet Hammer Films and ArsonCuff Entertainment who previously teamed up onSilent Night, Zombie Night. Love (Lauren Walsh) is a prostitute looking to get out of the business, but unfortunately her last gig is for three psychoticcultists who’ve just…

Jessicka Rabid

Jessicka Rabid is a 2010 American horror film directed by Matthew Reel about an inbred, mentally retarded girl who contracts rabiesfrom a dog bite after years of being treated like a dog by her abusive, incestuous white trash family. A sequel, titled Jessicka Rabid 2: Infected, is slated for a 2014 release. JESSICKA RABID on Amazon